Magalluf has been making headlines already over the past week but the government has responded swiftly.

Palma.—The Spanish and British press and TVmedia have been covering the story that, now pub crawls are more or less banned in Magalluf and Calvia in general this summer, booze cruises or party boats will be used to fill the gap in the market.
However, despite a number of companies having already begun selling booze cruises on line for an average of 50 pounds  per head  per person in which the customers get “unlimited free shots” of alcohol, the Balearic government has taken swift action. (There is also a free bar while a DJ keeps the drinkers entertained.)
Yesterday it was announced that the Minister for Tourism, Jaime Martinez, has been given the green light to include new rules and regulations controlling booze cruises in the new Balearic Tourism Law which should be finalised and approved by the end of this month.