What will happen if Britain leaves the EU?


This Friday evening, Epore, Europeans in Spain, in association with La Caixa Forum and the Majorca Daily Bulletin will be hosting a talk entitled “Britain, in or out of the European Union, How will it affect me?”.
The talks have been organised by the president and founder of Epore, Kate Mentink, who explained that she decided to arrange the discussion after having had to field dozens of questions over the past few months from British expatriates and business people who are becoming increasingly concerned and worried about what the implications would be should Great Britain vote to leave the European Union in the 2017 referendum being  promised  by the ruling Conservative Party, providing they hold on to power at the 7 May general election.
Kate has enlisted the support of two experts on the European union.
One is the former Vice-consul to the Balearics, Esteban MASMBE who, for the past four years has been the Balearic government’s delegate in Brussels and the other is the local lawyer and university lecturer Javier Blas.
“Mas will be coming from a Brussels point of view and I know his team has been researching the topic for weeks now, while Blas will be coming from a more local angle.
“What does already appear sure is that, should Britain opt out, we would get our identity cards with photographs on again as we would be considered immigrants,” Kate Mentink revealed yesterday. “But what most people are worried about is how their over all, status will change with regards to education, social services, tax, etc. and to a certain extent this is all uncharted waters but we hope on Friday to be able to clear a few issues up,” she added.
The talk is being held at La Caixa Forum (the Grand Hotel) near the Teatro Principal at 6.30p.m and will finish at around 8p.m once the Managing Editor of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Jason Moore, has summed up and there will be a question and answer session.
The event is open to all the general public, will be in English and is free. If you have an early question email  hcarter@majorcadailybulletin.es


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