As a long time Palma resident, I’ve lived in the capital, recently voted the best city in the world to live by the Sunday Times, for a little over 20 years, but I am tired of being accosted by beggars who are becoming more and more aggressive.
On the one hand great work has been done, especially by the private sector, to boost the city’s image, while on the other, and this lies very much with the authorities,  security could be significantly improved. The sun is now shinning which means the carnation sellers/picket pockets will be out in force and the beggars battling for pride of place around the city centre.
In the space of 500 square metres, I am met by three every morning, luckily they know me by now - Inever give them money but I may buy them some bread and cheese or ham, so at least I know my money is not going to be wasted.
However, if Palma is to keep up with other leading city break destinations, it should watch what the competition is doing.
For example, the city of Salzburg has confirmed that it will outlaw begging in many parts of the city centre, as well as in markets and cemeteries.
The local government will agree on the terms of the ban by 20 May. At peak times, around 150 beggars per day have been counted in the centre of Salzburg and perhaps Palma should think about following suit.
What must the tourists think?