Alcudia Town Hall has announced that the town’s bullring, which is the council’s property, is to be put out to a new contest for its rental. Currently, the bullring is rented by the local bullfighting association, Alcudia Taurina, which pays an annual rent of 6,000 euros. The minimum amount that the town hall is seeking under a new agreement is 7,500 euros per annum.
The bullring’s operator is responsible for organising the two bullfights which take place in Alcudia each year - one towards the end of July during the Sant Jaume fiestas, and the second around the middle of August.
The concession holder is also obliged to keep the bullring in good condition and to assume costs of running it.
In addition to bullfights, the operator can also stage other types of event, and the conditions of the new rental contest specify that there is the possibility for creating a bullfighting school.