All smiles on the high streets in the Balearics this year. | NURIA RINCON

The smiles are returning to the faces of the independent retail sector in the Balearics with sales performing better than the rest of Spain.Year-on-year independent retail sales rose by 7.6 percent last month in comparison to March 2014, the sharpest increase in the country according to the National Statistics Office yesterday.
The latest data from the small to medium sized commercial sector means that, since the start of the year, trade has increased steadily by 6.7 percent, compared to the first quarter of last year and the Balearics is the region which has created the most jobs during the first three months.
Last month the number of new vacancies in the small to medium sized commercial sector was 1.8 percent up on March last year and, during the first quarter, the increase has been 1.4 percent, despite the gloomy figures released by the Active Population Figures last week which still maintain there are 130,000 people out of work in the Balearics.