The Balearic Minister for the Environment and Agriculture, Biel Company, yesterday met forest fire fighters who will be put on a war footing tomorrow.With the annual forest fire campaign due to be launched tomorrow, the Minister presided over a meeting with the coordinators of IBANAT and members of the Director General for Environmental Education and Climate Change to discuss the new campaign and the fresh challenges they fear they may face.
The forest fire alert will not be lifted in the Balearics until 15 October, but depending on weather conditions and the level of forest fire threats, the campaign could well be extended.
All agreed that not only is cooperation from the public important but also public common sense in the prevention and early detection of fires.
For example,  any one wishing to light a fire within 500 metres of wood or scrubland is going to need permission from the forestry commission.
This year, the government has the same fire fighting resources and personnel as last year.
IBANAT will have a total of 350 people, five fire fighting planes and four helicopters, 25 specially customised vehicles to over come difficult terrain and 22 spotter towers in forest fire black sport areas.