The showpiece of the island´s nautical industry, the Palma Boat Show, opens this morning and thousands of people are expected to pass through its doors over the coming days. I sincerely hope that the local authorities, who will be attending the opening ceremony today, appreciate the vital role played by the nautical industry which not only supports thousands of jobs on the island it also brings in vital revenue for the local economy.  I have often been concerned that the nautical sector is almost a “forgotten” section of the local economy. I have always said that the local authorities should be doing more to support it because afterall it is a major bread-winner for Balearics PLC. Thankfully the scandalous matriculation tax has been scuppered but in the same way as the tourist industry gets a helping hand from the local authorities perhaps this same hand could be extended to the nautical industry to pay for joint promotion campaigns to underline the fact that Balearic waters are one of the best places in the world to go sailing. Inotice this year that there is a greater buzz amongst the industry about the boat show so fingers crossed that it will be a major success. The Balearics are home to some of the best and biggest super-yachts in the world. Our yacht clubs are full of some of the most impressive vessels ever built. And this is all thanks to the local nautical industry which has worked long and hard to make the Balearics what it is today;a leading nautical centre.


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