Left-wing parties meet to discuss a possible coalition Balearic government.


The PSOE socialist party in the Balearics, Podemos and Més have agreed that the new legislature should immediately launch a guaranteed minimum income which will be funded by the Balearic region at a cost that could reach between 50 and 60 million euros. Initial estimates for a minimum income of between 500 and 600 euros (per month) would suggest that between 100,000 and 115.000 people at risk of social exclusion would benefit from this. The three parties envisage that this assistance would be distributed via the four island councils.
Representatives of the parties - Pilar Costa (PSOE), Laura Camargo (Podemos) and Nel Martí (Més) - have agreed this social assistance programme, having considered proposals that were contained in their individual manifestos. Up to 80,000 families would be eligible for receiving this assistance, though it would not be introduced this year. The region’s financial situation would first have to be analysed, the representatives pointed out, but the benefit programme will take effect in 2016.
Meetings between the three parties are continuing to consider the precise programme of a coalition pact, which could be finalised next week.


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