Xelo Huertas took her seat yesterday. | miquel a. caellas

Xelo Huertas of Podemos was yesterday elected as the new president (Speaker) for the ninth legislature of the Balearic parliament.
 On her being elected, she said that she would work in order not to disappoint the people and that now a “new stage was starting in the lives of many of us”.
She added that it was “a very special day” and thanked her followers on Twitter for their support.
The parliamentary session to elect the new president and other members of the parliament’s council started just after 11a.m with all the elected deputies in attendance to witness Huertas gain sufficient votes to take over as president from Margalida Duran of the Partido Popular.
 Other members of the council will now be Vicenç Thomas of PSOE and Maria Salom of the PP, who will be first and deputy vice-presidents respectively, and Joana Aina Campomar (Més), who will be its first secretary, and Miquel Jerez of the PP, the deputy secretary.
The actual votes cast threw up a couple of interesting results.  Though PSOE, Més and Podemos plus their affiliates (Més per Menorca and the GxF Formentera) have a combined total of 34 deputies, one of them didn’t vote for Xelo Huertas.
Vicenç Thomas, on the other hand, received 34 votes as did Joana Aina Campomar.  The twenty votes for Maria Salom were as to have been expected, as these correspond to the number of PP deputies, but Miquel Jerez received only ten. The new parliament consists of deputies as follows: Partido Popular (20), PSOE (14), Podemos (ten), Més (nine, including three from Més per Menorca), El Pi (three), Ciudadanos (two) and GxF (one).