Spain’s Princess Cristina and her husband yesterday lodged 2.4 million euros  in a court account to cover some of the bail set for them as they await trial.
The Balearic  justice tribunal said the money lodged yesterday morning by the couple’s legal team  followed the sale of the couple’s palatial residence in Barcelona. Cristina, the 50-year-old sister of King Felipe, is indicted for  tax fraud while her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, faces charges of money-laundering and fraud. She is the first royal family member ordered to stand trial since Spain’s monarchy was restored in 1975.
The judge overseeing the case set bail of 2.7 million euros for the princess and 13.5 million euros for Urdangarin.
The case centres on Urdangarin’s nonprofit foundation, which obtained public contracts from regional governments, in particular here in the Balearics while the Partido Popular’s Jaume Matas, currently in jail, was President,  and Valencia,  to stage sports and tourism events.
The judge is investigating whether some of those funds were diverted for private use.
The couple, through their lawyers, have repeatedly claimed innocence.
The trial is expected later this year.
The Princess was stripped of her title Duchess of Palma by her brother, the king last week.