The body was recovered by Guardia Civil special divers yesterday.

The Guardia Civil have launched an investigation into the death of a 21-year-old British holiday maker whose body was found floating in the sea yesterday,.
The young man was on holiday in Magalluf with a group of friends and on Tuesday night they all went out drinking in Punta Ballena but, that was apparently the last time he was seen. He failed to return to his hotel and the victim’s friends reported him missing.
Early yesterday morning, a holiday maker  out snorkelling near Torrenova, swam across the body some 300 metres out to sea and raised the alarm.
A Guardia Civil special, unit of divers were deployed to the scene and divers from the Big Blue diving centre in Son Matias also helped, one of the members of staff also works for the Civil Protection department and accompanied by the Guardia Civil in a second rib.
The tourist who had raised the alarm also accompanied the rescue team to guide them to where he had found the body.
The body was plucked from the water and taken to the port in Palmanova.
Police said that there were no signs of foul play, just a bump to one of the victim’s knees.
The youngster was still wearing a T-shirt, Bermuda shorts and trainers.
The victim’s friends were taken by the police to the port to identify the body and the Guardia Civil have also informed the family.
It is thought that the cause of death was accidental but a full investigation is under way to confirm that theory.