On arriving at Gatwick last week, amongst the chaos, passport control asked me where I had come from. I guess neither having a very long beard, nor carrying an AK47 or wearing a rucksack could have meant I had landed from any where.  So, the answer was Majorca. The response? A shrug (Britons are getting more French). However, on leaving the countrym with  the entire nation in an absolute panic about how to stop people who willingly want to go to Syria and fight for IS and possibly die in their conquest against the West, apart from the check in clerk matching my name on the booking to the name on my passport, no one in any position of authority checked my passport or asked me where I was going.
OK, I was still wearing rather casual Western clothes similar to those I had arrived in, but still how were they to know that I was no part of some sleeper unit which had suddenly been given its orders to jump on the next flight to Turkey. Perhaps stricter departure controls would help?


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