Some certainty restored
The uncertain state of Majorca’s political scene started to acquire greater certainty last week.
On Sunday, a “crunch weekend for local politics” concerned doubts as to whether the investiture of PSOE’s Francina Armengol as Balearic president would go ahead later in the week.
 PSOE were accusing potential coalition partners, Més, of “blackmail”, while “alarm bells” had been going off in Més ranks when it seemed as though their man might not have a clean run to the presidency of the Council of Majorca: the PSOE man was saying that he hadn’t given up on being president himself.
By Wednesday, however, relations between the two parties appeared to have got back on friendlier terms.
The Més man, Miquel Ensenyat, was indeed to be president of the Council. “I want Majorca to be home for all nationalities,” said British-born Miquel, for whom, it would appear, certain food is known at home in English: roast beef, for example. Meanwhile, the Armengol investiture had been called off.
 It was hoped that it would now take place this Tuesday (30 June), though Més were still to yet say definitively if they would back the investiture. On Thursday it was clear - insofar as any of this has been clear - that Armengol would be the only candidate to be voted on after the investiture debate and that she would indeed be named president on Tuesday. (Unless something else happens in the meantime.)

Bauzá and the rebels
As one president was coming in - probably - another was going out. It was just a question as to how quickly José Ramón Bauzá would be quitting the presidency of the Partido Popular and when (if) he would be heading to Madrid to take up a post in the Senate.
On Wednesday it was said that Thursday would “prove to be decisive” to his political future, with a meeting due to approve or not his nomination for the Senate. However, opponents of Bauzá - rebel elements within the PP who wanted him to resign from the party’s presidency immediately - were to get their way. Yesterday it was reported that Bauzá will be resigning by mid-July, a deal seemingly having been struck between the local rebels and PP central office in Madrid, under which Bauzá’s Senate position would be assured so long as his resignation was all but immediate.

Happy Chapi
Someone who was getting as much - in fact more - coverage as Armengol or Bauzá was Albert “Chapi” Ferrer, the new coach of Real Mallorca. There he was on Sunday holding up his shirt with the number 100 on it, though as Monro Bryce reported the bigger story was alleged match-fixing related to the Mallorca match against Albacete on 24 May. Still, on Tuesday the front page revealed that Chapi was seeking “unity” at the club, on Wednesday he was alluding to a tougher training regime and finally on Saturday his first signing was unveiled: the German under-20 international goalkeeper on a season’s loan. We all wish Chapi the best of luck. He’s probably going to need it.

Magalluf news
This week’s Magalluf news featured the unfortunate fire on the island off the coast there and a call from the Esquerra Oberta party for there to be a greater Guardia Civil presence in the resort. Meanwhile, overall numbers of Guardia and National Police officers in the Balearics this summer are being increased by 23% this summer, it was reported.
In an interview with Vicki McLeod on Sunday, the founder of Ibiza Rocks and so therefore Mallorca Rocks, Andy McKay, had some interesting observations to make about behaviour in the Magalluf context. “The problem is the behaviour of customers, but the fault lies squarely at the door of businesses. If you don’t want people to behave like animals, then don’t treat them like animals.” The interview marked the opening of the Mallorca Rocks Beach Club at the Sol Wave House.
Winter flights
And, as the heatwave was taking hold, there was news on the winter flights’ front. There are going to be more. Jet2 will be starting services much earlier in 2016. Its first flight to Palma will be from Manchester on 11 February and it will be operating three services a week, including - good news for those in Scotland - two flights per week from Edinburgh.


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