Tomorrow could prove to be decisive to the political future of outgoing Balearic president, José Ramón Bauzá, as the Partido Popular’s regional board is expected to convene, and it is the one which would authorise (or not) the proposal that Bauzá should be given one of the places in the national Senate which are in the gift of parties in the Balearics. There are two places in the Senate which are filled in this way - most senators are elected by popular vote - with the other one coming from the block of left-wing parties.
Prior to this meeting of the board, however, there is a call from Bauzá critics within the PP for him to resign immediately in order that a party manager can be appointed for the future extraordinary congress of the party at which a new leader will be confirmed: this congress, as has been the subject of argument between the PP in the Balearics and centrally, cannot be held until after the general election in November.
In the event that Bauzá does not present his resignation, his critics - many of them linked to power bases in different municipalities - are likely to boycott his designation as senator. Were they to, then his political future would appear very uncertain. However, there are two camps in the PP, one of which comprises some important individuals in the Balearic governmental administrations - the regional government itself and the Council of Majorca - who still support him.
The party locally, in regular contact with the PP nationally, has been suggesting to the national party that the appointment of a party manager - a temporary position - would at present be the least worst option ahead of a future leadership contest, for which three names are currently being mentioned - the ex-mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, and two ministers from the Bauzá administration, Martí Sansaloni (health) and Biel Company (environment).


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