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01-06-2013NURIA RINCON

Spain’s office of national statistics has revealed the most common expat names in Spain, with Moroccan and Romanian names dominating the pack.
The most common expat names in Spain are Mohamed and Fatima, according to new figures released by Spain’s Office of National Statistics (INE).
There are 40,658 Mohamed’s in Spain and 18,493 Fatima’s, according to the figures, which see Moroccan and Romanian names dominating the top ten.
But there are many more Mohameds; the statistics break down the figures by nationality, so while there are 40,658 Moroccan Mohameds, there are also 2,436 Algerian Mohamed’s and over 19,000 Mohammeds, spelled with a double m.
As well as Moroccan and Romanian, the list of the 50 most common male expat names also features names from Pakistan, Algeria, Senegal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia and Portugal.
Fatima is the most common female expat name, there are currently 18,493 Fatimas living in Spain, followed by 12,547 Romanian Marias and 10,629 Romanian Elenas.  The list of the top 50 female expat names in Spain also features names from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Colombia and Bulgaria.


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