The purchasing power of people in the Balearics has weakened in the past few years and in 2013 the average wage was 3.8% inferior to that of 2011. These are conclusions from the National Statistics Institute, a further one being that the average annual salary in the Balearics is 2,000 euros less than the national average.
In 2013, the Balearics ranked ninth in terms of the annual gross income per employee: it was 20,776 euros which was a decrease of almost 1%.
The decline was more pronounced among men, whose salary slipped by 1.2% to 22,584 euros, than among women, for whom the decrease was only 0.1% to 18,998 euros.
In the Balearics, the gap between men and women’s pay is the second lowest in the country.
By type of work contract, the average for workers with indefinite contracts was 22,069 euros, an increase on 2012, while pay for those with fixed contracts was down to 15,436 euros.


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