Spanish air traffic controllers have called partial strikes over two weekends in July - threatening to disrupt some of the busiest travel days for holidaymakers.
The strikes have been called for 11, 12, 25 and 26  July,  Spain’s air traffic controller union, La Unión Sindical de Controladores Aéreos (USCA)  said yesterday.
The stoppages will take place between 10a.m and 1p.m on 11 and 25 July  and and between 5p.m and 8p.m on 12 and 26 July.
The strike is the second such action in as many months after air traffic controllers took action over four days in June in protest at sanctions handed out to 61 air traffic controllers for shutting down Barcelona’s airspace in 2010.

“The USCA thinks that the decision to maintain sanctions against the 61 air traffic controllers is incomprehensible,” the trade union said in a statement released yesterday.
They confirmed the strike days with a tweet, blaming the lack of will by Enaire to reach an agreement.
Enaire, which runs the majority of airports in Spain, fined 61 air traffic controllers from Barcelona Control Centre one month’s salary, as well as suspending them for a month, because of a strike which led to a national emergency in 2010.