Beating the heat on the beach.

The first heatwave of the summer is expected to ease slightly today, although some parts of the islands will continue to bake in the summer sun.
Yesterday, highs  reached 32.5ºC in Palma, 34.4ºC in Manacor, 34.1ºC  in Alcudia, 31.1ºC in Soller and 31ºC in Calvia.
Spokesperson for the national meteorological office, Ana Casals, said yesterday that while many parts of the country will enjoy a break in the intense heat today, a second heatwave is heading our way and is expected to sweep across the country on Friday and remain with us  until next Wednesday at the earliest and some areas are going to witness temperatures rise to over 40ºC.
Over night temperatures are also going to rise again as the hot desert air from North Africa  hangs over the country. Casals said that it is most unusual that a second heatwave follows another so quickly, especially at this time of year.
According to met. office records, over the past 75, there have been 80 heat waves in Spain with the second longest, which lasted 14 days,  being registered in the Canaries in 1976 and the longest in 2003 which affected most of the country and lasted for 16 days.
Of those 80 severe heatwaves on record, the majority, 45, have been experienced in the Balearics Ceuta and Melilla.
 40 of the nation’s 50 provinces were on either “yellow” or “orange” alert  yesterday.  The highest temperatures were expected to be recorded in the central province of Toledo where the mercury was forecast to rise to 41ºC.