Emaya, Palma’s services agency, will introduce a plan for street cleaning and rubbish collection in September that will adopt measures urgently needed to improve these services.
An external audit is currently being undertaken that will guide decisions aimed at greater efficiency. The Palma councillor who is president of the agency, Neus Truyol, says that there will be restructuring of shifts, as workers currently believe they are too long, while she isn’t ruling out recruiting more staff.
Despite Emaya being owed around 30 million euros by Palma City Council and a further amount by the regional government - which Truyol could not put a precise figure to - she was sure money would be available for more staff.
In any event, 50 workers for this summer will be added to the workforce by mid-July. One measure that is due to be implemented in September is to establish specific days of the week in each district of the city when residents can put out bulky items for collection. Another idea is to increase the number of “green points” for these and other waste items.
It is also hoped that rubbish containers will be cleaned more often in order to prevent pests.
Furthermore, special emphasis is to be placed on compliance with the bylaw to do with pets.
Local police and in particular the police’s Green Patrol will be coming down harder on offenders, while the council anticipates creating more zones for dogs.