The new administration at Palma City Council has annulled an instruction issued by ex-mayor Mateo Isern regarding the use of language in council communications. It is thus re-establishing articles pertaining to “linguistic normalisation” which state that local government, as a rule, should carry out the processing of records in Catalan.
Therefore, certifications and other documentation will be in Catalan unless someone wishes to ask for versions in Castellano. Language standardisation, in Catalan, will apply to letters and other documents sent to public authorities in the Balearics and other places where Catalan is the official language as well as to those sent to private individuals unless a specific request is made that they be in Castellano. Council notices, circulars and internal documents will also be in Catalan.
The council’s spokesperson, Neus Truyol, said that this “return to the rules of linguistic normalisation” reverses “a consensus” on language that had existed for many years and which Isern had broken.