The Council of Majorca has given its approval for the flagpole with the Spanish flag on the roundabout at the entrance to Palmanova to be reinstalled.
This decision of the Council’s urban planning and roads department comes a few days after the town hall in Calvia blocked the purchase of a new flagpole, considering that it could not proceed without knowing the outcome of a technical report, one related to safety issues.
Controversy arose last week when the Partido Popular opposition accused the council’s administration of preventing the reinstallation of the Spanish flag, the flagpole itself having become unusable because of various deficiencies.
In order to replace it, the previous PP council had put the acquisition of a new flagpole out to tender, with the information pertaining to this appearing on the council’s website.
However, this information disappeared on 22 June. The following day, the new mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, said that on 10 June - three days before the new council administration was constituted - a request for authorisation from the Council of Majorca had been submitted; the flag and the flagpole act as a memorial to the two Guardia Civil officers who were killed when an ETA bomb exploded outside the Palmanova barracks.
The new administration had, therefore, halted proceedings pending the receipt of a favourable report from the Council.