The Councillor for Culture and Sport, Francesc Miralles. | Teresa Ayuga

The cost of the organisation of the Council of Majorca will rise by 609,800 euros per annum on account of changes made to the institution’s structure by its new ruling administration.
These include one more department as well as the incorporation of three new political parties - Podemos, El Pi and Ciudadanos.
The salaries for spokespeople for parties is 57,300 euros.
Once other salaries are factored in, then these alone amount to a cumulative increase of almost 350,000 euros.  With the additional department - that of modernisation and public function - and further technical secretaries who report to executive councillors, the number of these positions is doubling to eight, requiring a further 460,000 euros of salary costs.
These do correspond with aims of the new administration to give back to the Council responsibilities that it had lost, but there are savings in some areas.  The number of advisers will go down by five compared with the previous administration, and the Council will now rely on three chiefs of staff, a communications co-ordinator and three journalists.
A further cut is to the number of secretaries - down by one to 18, representing a saving of 27,000 euros.
The department for social affairs, the head of which is the Més councillor Margalida Puigserver and that includes the Majorcan Institute for Social Affairs, is one which has the largest budget - 135 million euros per annum - and the most responsibilities.
Four directors within this department are to have small salary cuts (4,000 euros), but there will now be two vice-presidents: one for the elderly and disabled and the other for children, the fam