The first weekend of July and some hot weather yet the beach at Ses Covetes and nearby beaches were - at midday on Sunday - showing unexpected signs for the time of the year: sunbeds and parasols were hardly in demand, a clear indication of the reduction in the number of visitors to this part of Campos.
The closure of car parking which was “alegal”, so neither totally illegal nor properly legal, and the elimination of a bus stop have led to the reduction in the number of beachgoers. For businesses in the area, which have been suffering, there is at least a lifeline from a new plot of land - also “alegal” - which has been opened and is offering free parking, monitored by a car park attendant. This has also helped in that the local police did not need, on Sunday, to close the main road once the 300 parking spaces in the blue ORA parking zone were taken.
Chiringuitos by the beach were the busiest, while some restaurants had tables unoccupied, though not all. One of the restaurants was in fact offering to pay the price of the ORA ticket if clients spent more than 50 euros.
The consequence of the reduction of visitors to Ses Covetes has meant there has been a notable increase in neighbouring Sa Rapita and Colonia Sant Jordi.
This week, meetings are to be held between representatives of the town hall in Campos with those from the Council of Majorca in order to try and find a solution to the parking issue and to introduce a definitive measure.
 The damage being done to local businesses is the town hall’s main concern.