Balearic president, Francina Armengol, has announced that she will shortly meet with the presidents of the councils of the different islands in order to “design the roadmap needed for the four islands”.
She was speaking   at the investiture ceremony for Vicent Torres, the new president of the Council of Ibiza.
She praised Torres for having presented a good programme for government, one that is “brave but realistic” and which will meet the demands of the public who, above all, want government institutions to be “at their service” fighting against inequalities.
The president said that the new government will work on proposals made by Torres which require greater co-operation, such as those to do with water supplies for Ibiza. Agreements for change have been arrived at, she added, because of political changes in the Balearics, and these will include issues such as the transfer of powers to councils, such as Ibiza’s, and an improved system of financing in order to overcome difficulties that the island is facing.
Armengol highlighted her commitment to Ibiza by referring to the appointment of the Ibizan Joan Boned as minister for land, energy and transport, a highly important portfolio, as these are key issues for Ibiza.