A weakness of Balearic tourism is that large numbers of tourists do not always correspond to high levels of spend, especially in the winter and low seasons. However, the latest Egatur survey of spend by the national ministry for tourism (and industry and energy) would suggest that this trend is changing. From January to May this year, the Balearics registered the highest average daily tourist spend for the past five years.
This average was - according to the survey - 108.9 euros per day, well above the 93.4 euros in 2010. In total, the spend is said to have been 2,171 million, also well above recent years when the 2,000 million mark has not been exceeded, with the exception of 2013.  The survey collects data related to accommodation, transport, restaurants, shopping and other factors. Although accommodation (hotels) and air travel are the most expensive element in the spending mix, it was detectable - in Palma at any rate - that there was an improvement in restaurant spend in the winter months. The president of the Majorca Restaurants’ Association, Alfonso Robledo, has noted that the new city hotels that are open all year in Palma have helped to boost the restaurant sector. But it is not only bars and restaurants which have benefited; the retail sector has as well. Turnover has been rising month on month.