Bauzá has resigned and his political future is out of his hands. | ARCHIVO

José Ramón Bauzá has presented his resignation as a Partido Popular deputy in the Balearic parliament and so will not be able to vote for himself when the vote is taken tomorrow on his nomination as a senator in Madrid.
In a brief written statement, the former president announced his resignation to the regional board, which will now look to replace him with the candidate who was the next on the PP list at the election - Rafael Nadal (not that Rafael Nadal).
Tomorrow will mark another official occasion in the drawn-out constitution of the new parliament: it will be the formal opening session of the new legislature at which parliament will ratify those who have been proposed as senator. Though Bauzá has confirmed his resignation, it is still unclear when it will be effected, though it is presumed that it will be tomorrow.
Bauzá had been seeking to stay on longer as president while a successor to him was being sought, but pressures on him to go have meant that his resignation is linked to his approval as a senator.
An interim party leader is expected to be named shortly, with the Mayor of Selva, Joan Rotger, believed to be the current front-runner, while the permanent leader will not be elected until after the general election, so possibly as late as March next year.