Have you seen this man?

A British murder suspect who is believed to have fled to either the Canaries or Majorca  is among 18 of Britain’s most wanted fugitives, the National Crime Agency has said.
Allan James Foster is wanted by Northumbria Police in connection with the murder of David ‘Noddy’ Rice in a car park in May 2006. The organisation has launched a major campaign with a 13ft digital screen set to broadcast the faces of the country’s most wanted around Britain and in ex-pat hot spots in Spain in a bid to trace the remaining 18 of 86 fugitives on the run identified by Operation Captura.
It is believed Foster, now 43, fired the fatal shots from a semi-automatic weapon that killed Mr Rice nine years ago.
The 42-year-old was shot nine times by two masked men after being lured to a meeting by Steven Bevens, 39, of Birtley, Gateshead.
Bevens worked for Foster, who police believe fired the fatal shots.
Foster, who also uses the alias Shaun Michael Wilkinson, is known to have links to the Canary Islands and Majorca and is also wanted for two offences of conspiring to supply controlled drugs and for the theft of a diamond.
If you have any information call the  freephone  900 555 111.