Spanish public officials and civil servants are often in the headlines for the wrong reasons;rude and unhelpful are some of the words which spring to mind. But my experience is that even the most hard-nosed civil servant can be kind and helpful and I think the story which I will now recount  would only happen in Spain. Yesterday, I took my baby daughter to the National Police headquarters in Palma to get her Spanish identity card. I had booked my appointment and arrived on time only to find that I was missing one piece of paperwork. The woman behind the desk told me to go to the local council offices, obtain the missing piece of paper and return at once without the need of booking a further appointment and a further delay. With daughter in tow I returned to the National Police headquarters and my application was swiftly dealt with minus one important element. My little daughter had to give her finger-prints and there was no way that little Marina Moore was putting any of her fingers on the red button. Initially the lady behind the desk and myself did our best but to no avail and we where then joined by the lady at the next desk armed with sweets and then by another lady armed with a small toy. But no. Marina would not surrender her  fingers prints. Then the officer on duty at the main desk joined the fun along with his boss. So in all there must have bene about six Spanish officials giving encouragement to a little two year old who was standing firm. In the end the mission was completed and the whole buidling burst into applause. Only in Spain