Monday, 20 July:
Sa Pobla (Santa Margalida) - Santa Margalida Fiestas
Santa Margalida is one of two patron saints in Sa Pobla (the other is Jaume). Consequently, the two fiestas roll into one, but Margalida is the more important, reflecting the status of the saint who gave her name to the oratory in Crestatx, which was where people came from in order to populate the then new town of Sa Pobla in 1300. Santa Margalida, obviously, also celebrates the saint but the fiestas there are not the town's main summer event.

Saturday, 25 July:
Alcudia (Sa Pobla) - Sant Jaume Fiestas
The old town of Alcudia's annual fiestas in honour of the town's patron, Sant Jaume. A feature is the "We are citizens of Pollentia", a celebration of the Roman past that includes a special party in honour of Roman gods. By special party, one means DJs from 11pm.