By Shirley Roberts.

H APPY  birthday Elena  -  enjoy your party tonight and all the other celebrations that are planned to mark this majestic birthday.  
Elena might forgo her poker game or drive into Palma this week because she will be busy partying with the many that have travelled to be here in Soller for this special occasion.  
I am not exaggerating when I talk of Elena driving herself into Palma for her weekly card game with friends.  
In her case 100 is the new 70 and her independent life continues as it has always done.  
The Red Cross in Soller gave her a Careline Buzzer to wear so that she could press a button if she needed any help.
 They did this in honour of her age not of any incapacity and she accepted it because it would have been churlish not to even if she has no intention of using it.

E LENA  Davis is the author of the book Witches, Oranges and Slingers which tells the story of her half a century on Majorca.  
That book was published six years ago so her time in the Soller Valley has now topped 56 years.  
I recommend the book to you as a series of reminiscences of a bygone age when many adventurers found a home in the Soller Valley and never went back.   
 Elena was a native New Yorker working for a charity and living a serious, hard working life in the bustling metropolis of her home country.
 It was an adventurous friend – Escha Bledsoe – the violinist - who persuaded her that she might like the Mediterranean island on which she had a house – Majorca.
 Elena set sail from New York to this island via a stopover in France.  The year was 1959 and it was a journey that would change her life for ever.