By Gerry Mulligan

A FTER the reports of thefts from hotel rooms it is nice to be able to inform you that another gang dedicated to this type of crime has now been caught, which indicates that the Guardia Civil are always alert.

Magalluf, Paguera and Llucmajor – Burglary and Drug Trafficking
A gang specializing in stealing from hotel rooms has been arrested, which has in turn resolved over 20 robberies.  
Guardia Civil agents investigating a series of burglaries in Magalluf, Paguera and Llucmajor, finally arrested one of the gang who had committed several burglaries in a hotel in Cala Vinyes stealing over €3,000 in cash together with jewellery and mobile phones.  
Following the arrest of the latter it was clear that he had been operating with another well-known thief who had a long record for these types of offences.
Subsequently, one Algerian and two Spanish males have been arrested and charged with burglary and drug trafficking.  
A search of the leader’s home in Pillari, revealed a large stash of stolen items, mainly from hotel thefts in the Calvia area, which included; Jewellery, watches, electronic items, and smart phones.  
In addition to the stolen goods over 150 grams of very high quality cocaine and about 25 grams of crack were discovered.  
Crack is a substance derived from cocaine, which has been mixed with sodium bicarbonate, but not something that can be taken to settle the stomach!
  The last member of the gang who was domiciled in Llucmajor, and who had also stolen from a house in his own town of Llucmajor, was arrested and more stolen items recovered from his abode.  
The apprehension of the Algerian leader of the gang also halted the crucial sale of drugs from his home in the town of Pillari.
 The total haul from these robberies, amounts to thousands of euros and fortunately, most of the stolen items have been returned to their rightful owners.  
However, the investigation remains on going, as it is highly likely that this gang is responsible for more crimes yet to be detected.  
The leader of the gang has already been jailed awaiting a later trial.

Magalluf – Drug Trafficking
A GENTS from the Guardia Civil arrested a 41-year-old Senegalese citizen, after he was observed passing marijuana to a tourist on a street in Magalluf.  
He also had other drugs on his person, which were confiscated.