Jeremy Kyle with The Bulletin's Jason Moore yesterday.

The worst kept secret on Majorca is out...Jeremy Kyle is back on the island filming another episode on Magalluf  for his smash-hit ITVseries, The Kyle Files.
The last time Kyle was in Magalluf he had to leave early following  a “pepper spray attack.” But he has returned to see whether the new legislation introduced by the local authorities has changed the face of Calle Punta Ballena, the infamous Magalluf strip. He also wanted to know the views of the Bulletin on the resort.  Kyle has been accused by some for trying to give  the wrong image of Magalluf but he assured me yesterday this was far from the truth. In fact he loves Majorca and comes here on holiday, but not to Magalluf, Ishould add!  He interviewed me yesterday and asked how I would try to change the resort, My answer was simple and it is something that Ihave written about on numerous occasions in my Viewpoint column in this newspaper. I would bring everyone together  around the same table and try and reach an accord. The ITVpresenter did say that he had been alarmed by  some of the things which he has seen in Magalluf over the last few days.  But one thing for sure;Jeremy Kyle is certainly welcome in Magalluf, in fact everyone wanted a selfie with the ITVstar. His new programme on Magalluf will air on British television in January.