From 1 September, the Council of Majorca will initiate administrative procedures that will enable it to accept the transfer of responsibilities for tourism promotion and organisation from the regional government.
The council’s British-born president, Miquel Ensenyat, says that from September the various groups needed for this devolution will be constituted in order to enter into dialogue with the government.
And yesterday, accompanied by the Island  Councillor for Finance and Taxation, Miguel Ensenyat met the President of the Majorcan Hotel Federation, Inma de Benito to explain the council’s position and outline its intentions with regards to tourism.
2017 is the forecast for the completion of the transfer as the new administration has to abide by decisions made by the previous one: it had ruled out the transfer of responsibilities.
Ensenyat adds that the transfer assumes that there will be a corresponding level of financing granted to the council, while he says that a close eye will be kept on ensuring there is no duplication or competition with what the tourism ministry will be doing.  In addition, the Majorca Tourism Foundation is to be reactivated with the specific intention of looking at ways of enhancing tourism products to tackle the problem of seasonality.
Ensenyat says that the council will be seeking the backing of the whole tourism sector in seeking an expansion of winter tourism, with the objective being to have projects for the international promotion of Majorca.