Temperatures may be setting new records in the Balearics but in just three months time, parts of the UK  in particular, will be isolated from the islands. Once October begins, then the airlines begin to reduce their schedules and gradually, services between Palma and regional UK airports will be grounded for the winter while Scotland will again, unless some urgent action is taken, be totally cut off for most of the winter months.
Jet2 has announced it intends to begin linking Scotland with Palma from the end of February, but there is still a gap of at least three months when Scots, many of which own holiday homes, have to make a momentous trek to get here or simply do not bother at all - much to their frustration. However, the Bulletin has been pushing since last winter to try and resolve the problem and a number of influential Scots have joined the campaign.
Ian Rice, who has owned a holiday home in Santa Ponsa for many years, has finally managed to secure a meeting with his MSP, Keith Brown, to discuss winter flights and  put forward questions from the Bulletin and our readers, so if you have any questions please email them to us over the next couple of weeks.
What is more, Brown is not just a member of the Scottish government, he was the Transport Minister when the Scottish Government bought Prestwick International Airport for only £1.
And, only this week, SNP ministers have  come  under more pressure to justify buying the loss-making airport as it emerges the taxpayer has lent it £10.8 million.
Its annual report disclosed that it returned a loss of £4.1 million in 2014/15, up from £3.9 million the previous year, and warned Ryanair’s decision to open a base at Glasgow Airport would hit its finances more “severely” in the next financial year.
And, many of the stranded potential Scottish  winter visitors to Majorca would like to see the government make more use of the airport they are paying for by starting persuading  an airline to operate regular flights to Majorca throughout the winter.
The initiative would also boost Scottish coffers with residents in Majorca able to visit the country during the low season.
So, email us your questions and comments.