Palma’s deputy mayor, Neus Truyol, who has specific responsibility for animal welfare, has asked the council’s citizen safety department to draft instructions for the local police to follow with regard to the control of schedules of horses which draw the city’s carriages.
Truyol says that at present horses work for eight hours and sometimes much longer and that this poses a risk to their health.
At the same time, the council is working on bylaw amendment in order to ensure compliance.
One of the problems in this regard is that not all carriage operators have stuck to arrangements for inspection, and this hinders efforts to monitor  horses’ conditions.
The council is also planning on moving the stop for carriages on the Calle Conqueridor to the Parc de la Mar.
The process for this was started in February but not completed.
It will not be possible to achieve this during the current summer season as the acquisition of a shade and the necessary processing of the move take longer.