The King and Armengol. | JuanJo Mart

King Felipe yesterday received Balearic president, Francina Armengol, at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.
The King greeted the president with the traditional two kisses in the palace’s audiences’ hall, and they posed for photos before holding their meeting in the King’s office.
The president was able to tell the King about policies and economic priorities of her government that will be in line with commitments to fairness and equity. These policies - as outlined in her inaugural speech - include the creation of quality employment and improved financing for the Balearics. Armengol, when she was president of the Council of Majorca between 2007 and 2011, met the former king, Juan Carlos, on several occasions.
On the day of his abdication, she supported a call for there to be a referendum on the future of the monarchy, while expressing her utmost respect for the very important role that the ex-king had played in the transition to democracy.
The President also took the opportunity of saying that the people of the Balearics are proud to host the royals every summer and thanked the king for continuing to holiday in Majorca. The royal family are due to begin their summer holiday in Majorca next week, although no indication was given as to how long the royals will spend on the island this year, although they have apparently invited the King and Queen of Holland to join them for a few days.
Armengol thanked the King for the great deal of interests he showed in the problems of the Balearics, of which, according  to the President, he is very aware and up to date with.