Inside Out OCIMAX 16.00/18.00

The Straight Story CINECIUTAT 20.30                                

Everything will be fine CINECIUTAT 17.00/19.20/22.20         

Learning to drive CINECIUTAT 16.40/18.35

Sabrina CINECIUTAT (Sundays) 19.20

Kingsman CINECIUTAT 21.35

Inside Out (2015)(U)(Animation) Showing at Ocimax Aficine (In English)
Plot summary A girl named Riley is born in Minnesota, and within her mind, five manifestations of her emotions—Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger—come to life. The emotions live in Headquarters, Riley’s conscious mind, where they influence Riley’s actions and memories via a control console. Her new memories are housed in colored orbs, which are sent into storage at the end of every waking period. The most important or “core” memories are housed in a hub in Headquarters and power five “islands” that each reflect a different aspect of Riley’s personality. Joy acts as the dominant emotion to keep Riley in a happy state, but she and the others do not understand Sadness’ purpose.
Starring:      Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Richard Kind, Kaitlyn Dias, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan.
Director: Pete Docter.

CINECIUTAT IS LOCATED AT S’Escorxador Emperatiu Eugènia, 6 in Palma. Tel 971 205 453
Special prices on Wednesdays. Tickets 7 euros for new releases, 4 euros for older releases, Monday’s are 5 euros and special prices for members. and Classical film price is 4 euros for members and 5 euros for non members.

OCIMAX THEATRE IS LOCATED AT the Valldemossa exit in front of Carrefour in Palma. Tel 971 750 673
Tickets 6 euros (Daily showings except on Monday - 4.50 euros). 9.50 euros for 3D.

PORTO PI TERRAZAS IS LOCATED AT (Avda j miro, 154 in Palma) by the port. Tel 971 405500
 Tickets 6.50 euros (Monday 4.50 euros).

RIVOLI THEATRE IS LOCATED AT (antoni marqués marqués, 25 in Palma) Tel 971 751262
Tickets first session 5.50 euros, Monday 4.50 euros, Wednesday 3.90 euros and rest are 7.50 euros.