The anti-bullfighting campaign group Mallorca Sense Sang (Majorca Without Blood) will this morning present its petition for the abolition of bullfighting at the town hall in Palma. The petition has over 130,000 signatures and the timing of the presentation is to coincide with the council meeting on Thursday at which it is expected that the city’s council will declare Palma to be anti-bullfighting.
The group’s ultimate goal is for the regional parliament to ban bullfighting in the Balearics. Its co-ordinator, Guillermo Amengual, has noted that for the first time in history there is the level of support for such a ban which now exists, further evidence of which are the declarations of 19 Majorcan municipalities against bullfighting that have been made in less than a year. Palma’s declaration will count on the support of the parties in the council’s governing pact - PSOE, Més and Som Palma.
“Today the only enemies of animals in Majorca are the Partido Popular and Cuidadanos,” says Amengual. “On 24 May, people voted for a change, and that change happens to be for an end to the torture and death in the name of entertainment.”