The new regional government is to revive at least six laws that had been proposed during the last legislature by PSOE or Més but which were left in the drawer because the Partido Popular had voted against their being tabled.
Some of these laws had been drafted and were ready for approval (or not), but they were considered inadmissible by the PP.
The three partners in government - PSOE, Més plus Podemos - have agreed that these laws should now be presented to parliament, and among them are ones pertaining to equality, historical memory, the expansion of the Cabrera archipelago and lesbian and gay rights.
To these will be added the law on transparency that PSOE had presented at the end of the last legislature and one concerning the regulation of the islands’ councils.
The new government believes that some of these laws are of considerable political significance, such as the ones on transparency and historical memory (this was a form of legislation introduced nationally by PSOE under Zapatero to do with the Franco era).
Each of the three parties will now consider these laws afresh and so there could be possible changes to them, but the intention is for them to be adopted as soon as possible.
For some of the laws, there may well be negotiations with other parties in parliament, though probably not with the PP as it had refused to approve their proposal.