The loss of 17 lives in the past ten years along the stretch of the MA-19 that connects Llucmajor and Campos has led it to be described as the most dangerous road in Majorca.
However, according to the Council of Majorca’s Mercedes Garrido, it isn’t.
Without specifying others, the councillor for infrastructure has nevertheless fleshed out the Council’s “urgent measures” for this particular road.

Reduce speed limit
The speed limit along the whole road will be reduced to 90kph and to 80 along the most dangerous section, where there is a fixed speed radar.
Other measures include improving nighttime visibility and signage and hopefully stopping overtaking by means of a solid white line in three sections (a total distance of just over five kilometres).
These measures are expected to take effect before 10 August.
A second phase, to be implemented after the summer, will see 250 metres of safety barrier being installed as well as a widening of access roads.
Garrido also referred to the proposed extension of the motorway to Campos, something that had been drafted by the previous administration. The new council team wants to reduce the impact of what was envisaged in this draft and, as it hadn’t been finalised definitively, there is scope for change, taking into account views of town halls that are affected. Among changes, there is likely to be an underpass where previously a roundabout had been considered in the Son Gabriela section. Garrido believes that the revised draft will take no longer than three months to be processed.