At a meeting with Vice-President Biel Barceló, the head of the Balearic Federation of Transport Businesses, Salvador Servera, has urged him to consider scrapping both the toll for the Soller tunnel and the so-called “health cent” (the tax on a litre of petrol and diesel that was introduced to help fund the regional health service).  Servera insists that solutions to both issues need to be found and is in agreement with the proposal of the Council of Majorca that it takes over the concession for operating the tunnel.

During the meeting, topics discussed included the renewal of fleets through introducing electric vehicles, coaches run on gas and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) so that there are other forms of energy with lower levels of contamination and an enhanced image of sustainability. On a different issue, that of taxis that are not regulated and which are an especially large problem in Ibiza, Servera described the situation there as one of “impunity”.