Tourism is the basis for Majorca and Balearic economic performance.

24-09-2014Julian Aguirre

The latest regional government economic report shows the Balearics to be the Spanish tourism region with the highest ratio of employment creation and to be the best positioned to reduce unemployment. The report compares rates of inflation, registered unemployment and registrations with social security between the Balearics and the Canaries, Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia in July. It is a report, therefore, that focuses on the five main sun-and-beach tourism regions.

The Balearic inflation rate is 0.6%, higher than the 0.1% national average. Where unemployment is concerned, the Balearic rate is 9.7%, compared with a national 18.9%. Of those signed up to the social security system, the percentage in July was up 4.9% in the Balearics, with the Canaries and Valencia joint second with 4.4% and the national level 3.4%. Overall therefore, the drop in unemployment compared with 2014 is at its greatest in the Balearics: down 12.4%. The national average is down 8.5%.


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Jason / Hace over 4 years

Not next year !


steve / Hace over 6 years

So sick, sick, sick of this stupid headline. It is rubbish and means nothing, everyone who lives in Mallorca knows this.


Christina Brown / Hace over 6 years

The Tourist Tax will negatively affect tourism growth. Mallorca has forgotten that they are an island and they need to work at always creating tourism through as many different mediums as possible. This growth in jobs sadly once another "blip" or "crisis" happens in other areas will sadly be lost. Tourism is now a 4 month maximum season. Sadly the current government will destroy Mallorca, we were on a positive role now all will be undermined over the next 4 years. I fear for this beautiful island.


Andrew Rawson / Hace over 6 years

Mallorca will shut in ten weeks. The seasonal workers will all be back on the dole again having worked a short season. They then can't claim a decent social security, leaving them in poverty for six months. And so it goes on...