An extraordinary meeting of the Council of Majorca on Thursday next week will approve a moratorium on large retail outlets for a maximum of three years, the period during which the general plan for commercial establishments is to be drawn up. Its approval is not likely to be until 2017. After it is approved, the moratorium should, at a later date, be lifted.

The announcement of the moratorium was made on Wednesday by the Council’s president, Miquel Ensenyat, accompanied by Cosme Bonet (the finance councillor) and Mercedes Garrido (in charge of land matters). Garrido observed that this precautionary measure is one that affects the whole of Majorca’s land.

Included in the moratorium are all outlets larger than 700 square metres and up to 2,000 square metres for showrooms devoted to, among other things, cars, boats, furniture and building materials.

No building or extension of large establishments on currently undeveloped or developable land will be permitted during the period of the moratorium, while there will be limits imposed on urban land.