Francina Armengol (left) and Marga Prohens prior to their meeting this morning. | T. Ayuga

The Partido Popular’s parliamentary spokesperson, Marga Prohens, has asked President Armengol to rethink planned tax increases, which the PP believe will “suffocate” taxpayers.

Prohens was the first to meet Armengol during a morning round of discussions with party leaders and spokespeople prior to the restarting of parliamentary business.

She has said that Armengol should “impose” her criteria on partners in the government, as the Balearics need a government that is of the centre and moderate and so distanced from the radicalism and extremism of these partners (Més and Podemos). Prohens stressed the need for moderation in allowing economic recovery to continue.

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The PP spokesperson thanked the president for her willingness to engage in dialogue and has assured her that that the PP will extend its support to a president with “common sense” and the desire to reach consensus and agreements on “the big issues,” such as education, land, tourism and the economy.