Balearic president Francina Armengol addresses parliament.


The parliamentary motion on the appointment of government officials that the Partido Popular raised on Tuesday and which the government of PSOE and Més lost has provoked both the PP and Podemos, who backed the motion, to attack the government.

Alberto Jarabo, the leader of Podemos which is part of the pact with PSOE and Més but not part of the government, has said that the tension between his party and the government should not increase but that this will only happen if PSOE and Més stop displaying “great inflexibility towards democratic regeneration.”

Jarabo admitted that the situation is currently serious because of the vote on allegations of nepotism. He explained that Podemos’s position in supporting the PP motion was consistent with how the people had voted and he considers that the problem should have been sorted out and solutions found, but that they weren’t because of this inflexibility. Jarabo denied that it had been an error for Podemos deputies to have voted the way they did. “We were opposed to certain appointments, and we have made our position clear.”

 “Podemos,” he added, “have always been very critical” of the appointments and he now expects the government’s executive to take note and be more flexible in its attitude. He said that he thought that the vote would prove to be exceptional but reiterated the need for there to be greater responsibility by the executive in bringing about the democratic regeneration demanded at the election.


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