Catalina Cladera, regional finance minister, when taking the oath of office in July. | T. Ayuga

The regional minister for finance, Catalina Cladera, and the special delegate for the state Tax Agency, Amau Cañellas, have met with the agency’s director in the Balearics, Maria Antonia Truyols, and agreed to intensify the fight against tax fraud. Cladera says that the aim is to increase inspections in order to arrive at figures of fraud detection that there were in 2011.

As has previously been announced, the government is seeking to increase revenues through tackling tax fraud by a further ten million euros, and Cladera has asked Cañellas that the joint working party formed by the state and Balearic agencies meet more frequently than once a year, which was the case last year. Cladera is also looking to bolster collaboration for the “Renta Ágil” service, the quick income declaration system which has a personalised service from the Balearic agency to assist with declarations and that operates in sixteen municipalities.

In 2015 this service attended to almost 7,500 people, 11% more than in 2014. The number of tax declarations rose accordingly, by almost 15%.