Tim McAdam has known Majorca for 31 years.

The blue-chip financial services company, St. James’s Place is expanding into Majorca and will be holding a series of presentations on the island next week. For Tim McAdam of St. James’ Place, who will be giving the presentations alongside his colleague Roy Duns, the greater contact with the island is like a dream come true because his parents have owned a home on the island for many years.

“I love the island and the people and lifestyle and I was very fortunate that my parents purchased an apartment in Portals – 31 years ago. My wife and I simply want to spend more time on the island and this is one of the reasons why we are expanding into Majorca,” Tim McAdam said. “I have over 26 years of trusted personal financial planning and I am passionate about enhancing client wealth and passing on family wealth down the generations,” he said. 

Tim went on to say that St. James’ Place was a FTSE 100 company  – with a market value of £4.7 billion pounds. The company has over £55 billion of funds under management.