Bestard, Prowse and Cabotá. | GUILLERMO ESTEBAN

I Am Your Father, the documentary film by Marcos Cabotá and Toni Bestard about David Prowse, the actor who hid behind the mask of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars saga, is to be given an exclusive screening during the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival. This will be before its official premiere in Palma and before it arrives in cinemas at the end of next month. The festival takes place between 10 and 16 November and, in addition to the Cabotá-Bestard film, there will be many new films that will be shown.

I Am Your Father, produced by Nova Televisió, which is part of the Grup Serra media organisation which publishes the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Singular Audiovisual, IB3 Televisió and Strange Friends, tells, as Toni Bestard explains, “the story of David Prowse,” and it is a journey through his life and work which will introduce the viewer to many facts that were previously only known behind the cameras. “He was an actor who was undervalued by the main producer of the film. We found that they had not used his voice and that when it came to the unmasking of Darth Vader in the third film, the actor had been changed.”

These are just two elements of the film that will have its premiere in a cinema which has yet to be decided upon. The exclusive screening at the festival stems from the interest being shown. “We have many people who want to see it,” says Bestard. Such is the expectation in a film that “will surprise”, believes Bestard, its inclusion has already been confirmed in other festivals - Sitges, Abycine in Albacete and the Festival of  Fantastic Cinema and Terror in San Sebastián.