Marc Fosh. | Axel Wierdemann

Marc Fosh is going to be joined by chefs Andreu Genestra, Tomeu Caldentey and Fernando Arellano, all of whom hold Michelin stars, in setting a new Guinness World Record this coming Wednesday. Marc explains that the record attempt is part of a three-day campaign to promote sustainable, quality and all-year tourism in Majorca called #MallorcaFeelings.

Some 100 companies and organisations including Palma 365 are involved, but on Wednesday morning, something unique is going to be held. At 8am, the four star chefs will be taking to the skies in two hot air balloons to serve a total of 20 special guests. In each basket will be two chefs and ten guests who will include national and international journalists, leading businesspeople and dignitaries.

"The idea is that we are going to be serving a brunch-style meal as we rise to a height of 1,000 metres," Marc says. "It’s going to be very exciting, it’s something new but the trouble is that I’ve never actually flown in a balloon. I’ve been in one that was attached to the ground by a rope and I’m scared of heights But, it’s certainly going to be eye-catching. We’re going to be filmed by a helicopter and we are going to be basing our menu on local products, in particular Majorcan olive oils, wines, sobrasada, figs and ensaimadas.

"Obviously, we can’t do any actual cooking in the balloon baskets and while flying. We’ll do all the preparation beforehand and then plate up and serve once we’ve risen above 300 metres. Well, that’s the plan."

"I think the most complicated thing is going to be landing."