Valldemossa's version of the Moors and Christians is little known by comparison with the battles and simulations of Pollensa and Soller. The re-enactment was only staged for the first time last year, so this isn't surprising.

Historically, the battle fell between those of Pollensa (1550) and Soller (1561) in October, 1552. With most of the village menfolk away at markets, Moorish pirates landed at the Son Fernandell cove and, aided by the treacherous Pedro el Valenciano, headed to the village in order to plunder it. Led by the captain, Ramon Gual Desmur, 36 village folk managed to repel a force that was vastly superior in numbers. The only one loss of life on that day was that of the grandmother of the Saint Catalina Tomás, Aina Creus.

Yesterday, some 400 people took part in the re-enactment.